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Lone Wolves Clan News

Comments 0 By Qatar grim in Welcome to LWS! on Saturday 19 July @ 16:18

LWS Introduction

Welcome to Lone Wolves Gaming Clan, a Call of Duty Gaming community on the PC which promotes the values of fun, friendship, fairness, equality and mutual respect whilst playing the games we love.

Lone Wolves Gaming Clan is made up of dedicated players from a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and nationalities that have come together to enjoy Call of Duty and to make new friends.
We are a mature and friendly clan that believe that players should be able to play in a clean, cheat free environment, and where they can feel part of an ever growing community. To that end we run multiple servers that are streaming to PBBans and GGC on a dedicated box to ensure that the play experience is as clean, hack free, and lag-free as possible.

We also have friendly and approachable admins that can be reached through our own TeamSpeak 3 server and through our website, either through forums or live chat. Our admins represent the Clan and make sure that our servers run as best as possible and are there to help any players who need help with their gaming experience, and of course to have fun with all players who play on the Clan's servers. It is our admins that make Lone Wolves Gaming Clan what it is and we pride ourselves on the commitment that our members have in bringing the best possible experience to the game.

Insidious leaving!

Comments 0 By Netherlands Insidious in Welcome to LWS! on Thursday 31 July @ 23:02

Sadly I'm leaving the LWS clan to go to the Awesome clan. This is because they play more scrims (wars) and the LWS clan is also very inactive in my view. So good luck with the clan and ByeBye! Wink
- Dylan